To: You
A man owned a coin. 
The man held onto the coin.
Throughout the man’s life, the coin remained nestled in the corner of his pocket.  Although the coin became dirty, encrusted with lint and nearly rubbed smooth, the man kept it with him. 
Should he ever need the coin, it was there.
When the man died, the coin was put into the pocket of his burial clothes, and placed along with him into the ground.
The coin’s value was lost because it had never been spent.
There are words that like the man’s coin, you are holding onto should you ever need them.
Words of love, words of forgiveness, words of apology, words of appreciation, words of understanding.
Some day, perhaps this day, you will be buried along with those words and they will become worthless.
Share these words today and their value will multiply faster than other investment you can make.
Love, God