If you want to achieve a new home, a new car, a dream job, or the partner of your dream, healing from an incurable sickness, deliverance from an addiction, the ability to have children, or whatever else you desire that you think you cannot afford, or they are out of your reach, you’re looking at things in the natural.

So often I look on things through my natural eyes and tell God that I cannot afford it or they are out of my reach. However, the very things I looked on in the natural and thought that I couldn’t afford, as they were out of my budget or out of my reach, happened to be the very same things that God has given me.

God has allowed me to eat my words so many times, and I was so embarrassed, because I kept putting a limit on God and placing Him in a box. While I look on things in the natural and think they are impossible, God looks at things from a supernatural angle, and says, “All things are possible.”

If you’re looking at things in the natural, believing you cannot achieve them, you have to ask God for some more faith, patience and strength to see the things you desire from Him materialized through His supernatural power.