If I answer your prayer at once, it’s because I am testing your faith. If I did not answer your prayer at once, it’s because I am testing your patience. If I did not answer your prayer at all, it’s because I have a better plan for you.

Remember, God’s promises are yes and Amen! He is God, not man; which explains why He can never fail.  Hold on, don’t be discouraged. Your miracle is knocking at the door of your heart.

If something does not happen the way you pray for it to happen and the time you want it to happen, remember your way is not God’s way.  You can’t see the future, but He can.

Something might look glittering to you, and you want it now, but the Lord knows deep down, that it’s not the best thing for you; therefore He refuses to let you have it.  You, on the other hand, just look at now, and not later.  Hence, this is why people sometimes get into trouble when they run ahead of God, and not wait. When the trouble gets unbearable, they have to run back to Him for help.

You cannot handle your problems all by yourself. You’ve got to let go and let God! Everything that glitters is not gold!  Let Him determine when it is gold.  If He knows it’s gold and it’s good for you, He won’t withhold it from you.

God doesn’t withhold anything good from His people.  We are reminded in Psalms 34:17,  “The righteous cry, and the Lord hears and delivers them out of all their troubles.” Be among the righteous today, and not among the sinners.  You need God’s attention.  No matter what the situation is, He is able to deliver.

A little more faith is what you need to see all your needs met.  Claim your blessings today!  Do not let the devil rob it!  He is here to steal and destroy. Therefore, the time you decided to get discouraged and quit, it’s the time the blessing was about to be poured down!

Satan’s job is to frustrate and allow you to lose faith and patience, in order for you to give up and throw in the towel. By doing so, you will lose all that’s in store for you.  If the Lord give you something, hold on to it, and do not let the enemy rob it from you.  If the Lord has given you a blessing and the devil took it away, reclaim it again!  There are more in store!

You’ve got to press!  There is blessing in pressing!  You can’t get anything too easy.  Therefore, when you think of giving up, no matter how rough and chance-less the situation appears, remember that there is nothing impossible with God.  You just need to exercise faith and patience.

Don’t forget, the prayer answering God is saying that He has met all your needs!