Life is so precious, yet so uncertain. It’s very hard to imagine how your life can change in a moment. It might be a major catastrophe that you have no idea would have affected your life, or it could be a joyous moment that you will never forget.


In this post, I will focus on the latter, which is the positive life changing moments. It could be that you’re going to be a parent for the first time, or you are going to say, “I Do,” or you have to move away to a new location, and the thought of changes scares you, yet excites you. You might have just started a new relationship, and the thought of being in love again, makes you happy.

In life, no matter what bad experiences you have encountered, your life can suddenly change for the better.  It’s always a great thing to be positive. Therefore, if you are experiencing a bad life changing moment right now, just know that your good life changing moment is yet to come. Your pain is never permanent, and your trials and tribulations are temporary.