“You will eat the fruit of your labor: blessings and prosperity will be yours” (Psalms 128:2).


Now you have worked hard, developed ideas, plans, creativity and innovation, along with your faith in God to accomplish your long desired dreams. However, ever since God has begun to bless and prosper you, there might be people around you who have become envious, jealous and hateful of your blessings and prosperity.  Regardless, you have all right to eat and enjoy the fruit of your labor.

While you were going through your trials and tribulations, only a few genuine people may have stood by your side when you needed them the most. Other than that, no one might have seen your blood, sweat and tears; but now they see the fruit of your labor and have become hateful. I will share a few lines of one of my favorite poems by Thomasine Robinson:

You See My Glory, But You Don’t Know My Story
I’ve been through trials and tribulations seen and unseen
I’ve cried myself to sleep, but I held on to my dream
My dream to rise to the top, Knowing with God, I can’t be stopped.

No one can prevent God from blessing you, unless you give them permission. With that being said, ignore the haters, and enjoy the fruit of your labor!