After reading New York Times Best Selling author, John Maxwell’s  book, “How Successful People Think,” I am more convinced to engage in focus thinking. In chapter 2, the topic, “Focus Thinking” explains that, “Knowledge is power only if man knows what facts not to bother with. Focus thinking removes distraction and mental clutter so that you can concentrate on an issue, and think with clarity. The earlier you learn to give up something in order to focus on what has the greatest impact, the sooner you can dedicate yourself to excellence in what matters most.”

So many times you missed the mark to get your goals accomplished, meet some objectives, or to even realize your dreams, because you allow petty people to prevent you from fulfilling your purpose, and reaching your true potentials in life. Sometime ago I went out with my husband and daughter  to eat at a Chinese Restaurant, and as I finished my meal, I was given a fortune cookie by my server. Out of curiosity, I opened it to read what it says, and it read, “Life is too short to spend it hating someone.” So many times you waste your precious time on petty people who stand as the devil’s distractors in your life to cause you tribulations. However, these people obviously are not focused on the big picture, and if you allow them to distract you, you too will lose focus on the big picture, which is Jesus.